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Industry News

Manufacturing: the strongest focus of competition between China and the us

The competitive dynamics between China and the us will change dramatically, even fundamentally, after Mr Trump is elected President. Most people think that the ...

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Post-car market chain 6 development trend

In the member, through the micro mall good products and construction services, form word of mouth spread, accumulate members; Meanwhile, we can use coupons, vou...

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Post-car market growth speed up the e-commerce "running forward"

The market has become a new area of capital chasing after China‘s car ownership topped 172 million vehicles. In just the past 2015 years, although the whole ca...

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After the car, market innovation: efficiency is the absolute principle

In 2015, after a round of Internet start-ups, many companies were like paper tigers, and the wind was blowing hard. Until now, no one has really been able to le...

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